Adidas Logo

Adidas Logo

The Adidas Company is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe as well as the second largest in the world. The company specializes not only in sportswear but also manufactures bags, shoes, shirts, clothing and other sports-related items. The Adidas logo represents durability and elegance. It consists of a three parallel-striped design that symbolizes a mountain pointing towards the goals and challenges that lay ahead. Adi Dassler, together with his brother Rudolf Dassler, created the Adidas logo, aiming to provide the athletes with the finest possible gear.

In 1967 the three-striped logo was imprinted on shoes only. Following its success in 1971 it changed to a Trefoil logo. Later on it merged with Salomon, which formulated the Adidas logo to a combination signifying both the designs; blue color for Adidas and red denoting Salomon. The Adidas logo in 2005 changed itself to a “World mark” remaining simple, confident and clear.

Design elements of Adidas logo:

The Adidas logo holds an influential position imposing an impression of sophistication and durability through its simple yet impressive design.

Shape of Adidas logo:
The Adidas logo comprises of three parallel lines symbolizing the outstanding athletic performance reaching out the goals excellence the challenges to come. It portrays the strong picture of the Adidas corporate well being.

Color of the Adidas logo:
Black color of the Adidas logo comes as an inspirational motif to the youth importantly involved in sports an athletic activities, reviving their spirits and bringing upon a striking youth culture.

Font of the Adidas logo:
Like the design itself, the font of the Adidas logo remains simple but catchy and prominent with its plain style. Similar to the products they create, Adidas maintains a simple yet innovative design.

Despite the changes it has gone through, the Adidas logo still remains to be design known for motivating all groups of young. So far, it has achieved nearly all the goals the founder had dreamed of, but carries on towards its road of triumph.

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