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Avaya Inc. is a world leader in providing business collaborations, communications solutions, real-time video collaborations, contact centers, and networking to companies big or small anywhere in the world.

Avaya began as a part of Lucent Technologies. It began in the year 2000 when Lucent’s management decided to spin off its enterprise communications group. The objective was to provide people in the communications business the best flexibility and focus to accelerate innovation as well as improve operations.

Design Elements of the Avaya Logo

The Avaya logo came about when the business unit decided it was right to give the company a nice and fluid name. It meant to reflect an open-minded company providing seamless interconnections among people and all kinds of businesses.

The Avaya logo is written in upper case letters in a red font that is upon a white background. It’s a simple and futuristic image where the “Y” looks like the “V” with a tail that points lower than the rest of the letters. It is a simple logo that is straightforward with the way it includes the company’s entire name. It lacks a symbol, however. It is known in the New York Stock Exchange as “AV.” This could be made into a symbol in order for the company to be easily recognized. It is much simpler than including the entire word in the Avaya logo.

Symbol of the Avaya Logo
Since the company works with various businesses worldwide, using a symbol would make it easier to mark each company they work with so that customers or consumers know that a certain company is affiliated or powered by Avaya. The Avaya logo would help the company in being recognized easily among different parts of the world. And since they are dedicated to improving communication and being ahead of their time, as future makers, a simpler logo would communicate their company better since people are more likely to remember symbols instead of words. Though the word ‘Avaya’ is a fluid name, it may sound like other words found in non-English dialects.