Batman Logo

Batman Logo

Batman, a very famous fictional character, was born in May 1939 in response to the success of the action figure “Superman”. It was first published in a comic book called the detective comics (issue # 27). The character was designed by Bob Kane with a collaborator Bill Finger. The original batman figure, designed by Kane, was of a man in red tights with no gloves, a domino mask, and two very stiff wings looking like bat wings swinging from a rope. Finger, however, thought that batman needed an additional strong character and so he suggested a cowl for the mask, a cape instead of wings and gloves, and the removal of the red tights. He named batman “Bruce Wayne”, taken from the Scottish patriot Robert Bruce. Bruce Wayne was supposed to be a wealthy individual from Gotham city who lived on the profits of the Wayne enterprise- a technology firm inherited by him. He was known to have a playboy character so that he could throw suspicion off his hidden character “the Batman”.

The distinguishing aspects of Batman’s personality evolved over a passage of time from the first batman story “The case of the Chemical Syndicate”. The distinguished jaw line came within 6 issues and the introduction of the utility belt in issue # 29 and the bat plane in issue 31. Batman’s sidekick Robin came into the picture due to decrease in sales. The Joker and Cat woman also came within the first year of its release. DC has successfully published over 600 batman issues.


Batman has a multitude of logos of which the above is in use by the Detectives Comics (DC comics) since 2003. The Bat is still the main figure in the logo. This depicts boldness and appears frightening in order to fight crime in Gotham city.

Shape of the batman logo:
The batman logo contains a big black bat with outspread wings defining its boldness.

Color of the batman logo:
The color of the logo is black lending it a frightful look within a contrasting gray color.

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