CNN Logo

CNN Logo

Founded in 1980 by Ted Turner, Cable News Network, generally referred as CNN, is now one of the major English Language Television Network. However, the leading network is now owned by Time Warner and the broadcasting unit is a branch of Turner Broadcasting System. It was undoubtedly the first broadcasting station to present 24-hour television news coverage. Nevertheless, the CNN logo has acquired a prominent position in the corporate world due to its significant features.

CNN logo has remained unaltered and the emblem has maintained its consistent look through years. CNN logo immediately projects a notion of world’s leader with immense supremacy attitude. In 1999, CCN launched a set of new timelapse emblems for its international networks. The new series of CCN logos clearly conveys power, innovation and technology of the network. CCN logos prove that the CNN Corporation is justly global, establishing regional identities.

Design Elements of CNN Logo:

CNN logo has maintained a stable representation over the years. With few innovations in the CNN logo, it still continues to rule the corporate industry by its apposite reflection. The CNN logo provides an elegant network identity which enhances the company attributes.

Shape of CNN Logo:
The CNN logo consists of a very definite structure to impose power, durability and credibility of the network. It is featured in a gracious fashion, illustrating every character of the CNN logo. Undoubtedly, CNN logo is a major insignia throughout the world because of its exclusive and irreplaceable look.

Color of CNN Logo:
The distinctive CNN logo is shaded in red hue which compliments with the imposing image of the company symbol. Red tint signifies the authoritative character of the firm. The color represents entrepreneurialism and ubiquity of the corporation and its services.

Font of CNN Logo:
The inscribed initials ‘CNN’ are merged together in the CNN logo in an exquisite manner. They also give a calm emotion for the platform which is serving as a global village for all races. The fonts are in bold typeface and truly depict the strong attitude held by the company.

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