DC Logo

DC Logo

DC is involved in designing and producing the highest class footwear, specializing in skateboarding shoes, snowboarding boots, Active Terrain footwear, women’s and children’s casual footwear, along with matching clothing.

This American company has been into existence since 1993 with the efforts of Ken Block, a snowboarder, and is based in Vista, California. DC originally stood for “Droors City Footwear”, but since the sale of Droors (which is now defunct), DC no longer has ties to Droors and is simply DC Shoes.

The quality of the company’s products is matched by the integrity of their business practices and employment environment. DC takes pride in its cultivated associations with the media, suppliers, clients, customers, team riders, and employees. DC Shoes’ commitment to excellence deepens with the company’s continued expansion.

DC Shoes experienced a massive growth during the mid-1990s and remained one of skate boarding’s top brands. It has been able to successfully gain nationwide, mall-based distribution while keeping hard-core skateboarders loyal by offering exclusive designs through skate shops only.

Design Elements of the DC Shoes Logo:

The DC logo is one of the best logo designs in footwear because it appeals to its audience and compliments its brand image almost perfectly. The logo contributes a lot to the success of this American athletic shoe brand. DC logo is renowned everywhere where skaters are.

Shape of DC Shoes Logo:

The two letters “D” and “C” are interlocked in the DC logo. “C” in the logo encloses a star, which gets a due significance because it refers to the celebrity status of most famous wearers of DC.

Color of DC shoes Logo:

The color of the logo is typical black that looks very chic on its various accessories.

Font of DC shoes Logo:

The font style in bold is again not really complex but does justice to the logo as a whole.

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