Dow Logo

dow logoThe Dow Chemical Company, more commonly referred to as Dow, is a multinational chemical corporation that is located in Midland, Michigan. In the year 2007, the company has become the second largest chemical manufacturer in the globe based on their revenues. It then became the world’s third largest chemical company in terms of market capitalization in the year 2009. The Dow logo is a distinctive symbol that has grown with the company through the years.

The company is a manufacturer of chemicals, plastics and different agricultural products. It has branched out to over 160 countries and is currently employing approximately 50,000 people around the world. They believe that to passionately innovate, providing effective solutions to the needs of every human being is a must. Dow directly sells to end-users, specifically in the consumer, animal health and human products sector.

Design Elements of the Dow Logo

The Dow logo, also called the Dow Diamond, was designed by M.B. Johnson in the year 1898. The logo was then adopted in 1918 and has became the official logo since 1921. Despite the condition during the Vietnam War, the Dow Chemical Company logo has continued to be popular and visible. And because of its undeniable fame and success, the Dow logo is even used in small-sized products where the brand is more dominant, like in the product Saran Wrap.

Shape of the Dow Logo
The shape of the Dow logo has always been the famous diamond. Aside from the fact that the company remained strong despite all the economic downturns (just like a diamond), the shape also represents how varied and versatile they are. This is also seen in the many product lines they have, most of which have been performing well in their respective industries.

Letters in the Dow Logo
The three-letter name fits perfectly well in the Dow logo. It enforces brand recall and signifies their dominance in the chemical manufacturing industry.

Color of the Dow Logo
The red color stands for strength, which is a depiction of how strong the company has been since their early years.