Element Logo

Element Logo

Originally known as the Underworld Element Skateboards, Element Skateboards is an American skateboard producer and surfwear retailer. It is a subsidiary of Billabong International and has been one of the higher class brands of skateboards for a long time. The company depicts an eco-friendly image with boards such as Triftwood decks, which are seven ply skateboards available at a cheaper price than their lighter, higher tech Fiberlight and Featherlight boards. It also features a Helium line of skate decks with air chambers located inside making them firm and light.

The company was formed in 1992 in Irvine, California by a group of people with its major contributor being Johnny Schilleriff. Initially Schilleriff had to face many obstacles but he struggled and created a positive and an influential skateboards company.

In an effort to develop the global skateboarding community, Element Skateboards formed the Department of Elementology. For the purpose of designing inventive and quality products that promote an environmentally-friendly skate culture, the company also initiated programs such as Elemental Awareness and Element Endangered.

The company also has a huge skateboarding team with its famous players being Mike Vallely, Ray Barbee, Vanessa Torres, Bam Margera, Chad Muska, Bucky Lasek, Chad Tim Tim, Darrel Stanton, Jeremy Wray, Brent Atchley, and Michael Mackrodt. Bam Margera is renowned for winning a massive collection of skateboarding competition medals for his team.


The Element logo is a creation of its founder Johnny Schilleriff. The logo is highly professional and successfully projects the meaning intended by the company to worldwide scope. The logo basically encourages people to initiate steps to protect their environment.

Shape of the Element Logo:

The Element logo comprises of two circles enclosed in a square background. The first one is a full circle enclosing a tree. Through this the company basically wants to make the audience aware of the role it plays in protecting the environment.

Color of the Element Logo:
The only colors used in the Element logo are red and white. These two colors evoke strong feelings of happiness and prosperity.

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