Fargo Logo

Fargo Logo

Fargo Printers are a product of HDI and offers its users flexibility, reliable performance and lots of user-friendly features to meet the needs of the customers’ most demanding applications. Its various options such as programming modules and laminators enable its customers to configure their printers/encoders for a wide range of applications, from basic photo IDs to biometric smart cards. It is the only printer maker to provide three different printing technologies: High-Definition Printing (reverse image), Direct-to-Card printing (dye-sublimation) and CardJet Printing technology.

Its innovative designs such as Persona C30e, DTC550 Card Printer/Encoders, DTC400e Card Printer/Encoders, etc. set Fargo printers apart from the rest. Fargo’s major customers are the organizations. These printers have exclusive features that enable organizations to meet their card requirements; they have the durability and effective printing power and provide long-lasting card printing solutions.

Fargo printer products are incorporated into Alpha Card photo ID systems with requirements that run the gamut from complex e-card encoding and multi-site ID card printing to the creation of uncomplicated plastic photo ID badges.


The new Fargo logo is the same except the slight changes in the font color.

Color of the Fargo logo:
Color has as much impact on how a printing logo is perceived as the rest of the design elements that define a printing logo. With the use of blue color in its logo Fargo printer manufacturers aim to have a well-documented psychological influence on its consumers enabling them to see its application used throughout the printing industry.

Font of the Fargo logo:
Like many other printer manufacturers, Fargo logo uses a very simple font style.

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