Fila Logo

fila-logoIn this article, we’ll take a look at the elements of the Fila logo that have helped in its worldwide brand recognition–but first we need to understand what the company does. In 1911, the Fila brothers founded a clothing store named Fila. It was originally established to make clothes for the residents of the Italian Alps. Today, it is one of the top manufacturers of sportswear with a wide market all over the world. Its main headquarters is located at Seoul, South Korea, employing more than 500 people in eleven countries around the world.

During its earlier years, Fila offered underwear products. The company started moving into producing sportswear due to the owners’ love for tennis. Bjorn Borg, a famous tennis player of the 1970s, was the first sportswear endorser of Fila. The company also offers men’s clothing for different sports like cross training, golf, basketball, swimming, running, and of course, tennis. In addition, they offer sportswear for women and has their own line of vintage clothing. Kids are not exempt! Fila offers everyday footwear for children of different age brackets, ranging from infants to youth.

Despite its popularity, Fila has maintained the mystery behind its logo for a very long time. Wherever you ask for its meaning, it is quite difficult to look for the psychology behind its logo. As time went by, the company slowly revealed the design elements of the world-famous Fila logo.

Design Elements of Fila Logo

The Fila logo is undeniably one of the most famous logos there is. It has been worn by different athletes, which strengthened the brand in both its external and internal aspects.

Color of the Fila Logo
The blue color of the letters represent the brand’s trustworthiness and reliability. This means that Fila is committed to giving the best sportswear product there is and emphasizes quality above anything else. They simply do not want to break the trust of their loyal customers. The red bar in the upper part of the letter “F” is known to be a unique characteristic of the logo. It represents passion, vitality and vigor. Fila has the passion for sports and the company surely wants it to reflect in all of their products.

Shape of the Fila Logo
The current Fila logo has always been strikingly memorable. The symbol uses snakelike letters, which provides a very elegant look while appearing to be futuristic, showing the company’s desire to never falter in giving quality service for their customers.