Flash Logo

flash logo

The Flash is known worldwide as the fastest superhero around. This is a name shared by different fictional comic books and was created by Gardner Fox. The image and the character, however, was created by the artist Harry Lampert. There was a time when the famous FLASH was nicknamed as the Scarlet Speedster since he has the ability to run and move very fast. But this cartoon character evolved for quite a lot of times. There was even a kid protege of Flash who was named Kid Flash.

Ever since, the character has remained very popular. The Flash was then considered the hero of the Silver Age of the comic books. As the comic world evolved more, starting from the Justice Society of America, to the Justice League and to the Teen Titans, the Flash was part of it all. From then on, the Flash can no longer be forgotten. The 1990 version of the Flash was featured in some animated series. The evolution of the character was featured in every session. The Flashes have been close friends with Green Lantern.

Design Elements of the Flash Logo

The world famous Flash logo did not immediately turn into that kind of art. It has faced quite a lot of changes: from just being a word to the present lighting bolt. But what exactly does that lightning bolt mean?

Color of the Flash Logo
The yellow color of the bolt typically portrays the realistic color of lightning. Its color yellow is more emphasized to make it look a lot stronger.

Lighting Bolt in the Flash Logo
The lightning bolt in the Flash logo pertains to the speed of the Flash. Same as how fast the lightning travels, it’s the same speed for the Flash.

Circle in the Flash Logo
It is the same shield that can protect Flash from any harm. And because of his speed, he can avoid anything that goes his way.