Girl Scout Logo

Girl Scout Logo

The Girl Scouts is the largest voluntary organization for American girls living in the US or abroad. Today its girls and adult memberships are in millions, which is a significant increase from its modest beginnings. Its goal is to provide a secure environment to the girls living in isolated homes by engaging them into community service. Through this, it hopes to build self-esteem and inculcate values such as sincerity, justice, courage, empathy, character, sisterhood and self-belief. This youth organization is a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). It accepts girls from all backgrounds.

The Girl Scout movement was initiated by Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low in March 1912. She assembled few girls belonging to different backgrounds to prepare them for possible future roles as professional women—in the arts, sciences and business. Her strenuous efforts finally resulted in the creation of a girl-centered organization- the one she had always dreamed of. In the twenty-first century, the Girl Scouts continues to function as a strong organization and is still run primarily by women. It is as innovative and as approachable to national issues today as it was when it started.

The current Girl Scouts logo was designed in 1978 by Saul Bass, a graphic designer known for his motion picture title sequences.


The Girl Scouts logo is a powerful logo that simply conveys the purpose of its existence.

Shape of the Girl Scouts Logo:

The Girl Scouts logo comprises of three silhouetted faces of women. These faces give courage and strength to all the isolated US women; they encourage them to be a member of the Scout program and take part in the community service.

Color of the Girl Scouts Logo:

The green and white combination in the Girl Scouts logo signifies purity, strength and innocence. The colors basically indicate the type of bringing up it wants to give to its members.

Font of the Girl Scouts Logo:
Girl Scout logo utilizes a very simple yet elegant font style.

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