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HP logo

Starting its way back in 1957, HP marks a name which specializes in creating semiconductor devices. HP joined hands with Sony and Yokogawa Electronic companies in 1960’s, which did not turn out to be an enormous achievement; hence the company collaborated with Yokogawa to form Yokogawa-Hewlett-Packard in 1963. Later, the HP Company decided using Digital Equipment Corporation computers along with its devices but later on this idea was rejected and in 1966 it began with HP 2100/ HP 1000 series of minicomputers.

The HP logo, as it is at present since the day HP began its passage, remains quite the same with very little or no evolution. Despite its simplicity, the logo is well-recognized all over the world of technology. It forms as a pioneer in delivering the message of the quality standards and achievements it provides.

Design Elements of HP logo:

The HP logo films a simple design which is a clear depiction of the company’s promise of trust and vitality. Besides being well-known to those involved in the IT world, HP logo is also recognized by other people concerning other fields. This is basically the accomplishment it has achieved in the past years.

Shape of the HP logo:
The HP logo comes in a fairly simple structure in a square like shape with rounded corners. Right in the center of the HP logo is a circle which encircles the fonts. The fonts appear in the vertical middle of the motif, giving a beauty to the HP logo as well as being specific.

Color of the HP logo:
The HP logo uses only blue and white color. Both of the shades give a portrayal of simplicity and elegance in their appearance. The indigo background gives a sharp contrast to the white fonts, hence looking catchy and impressive and also maintaining a serious approach to the corporate world.

Fonts of the HP logo:
The fonts of the HP logo are presented with a little tilt towards the right hand side. The fonts used are very simple, in lower case but still are prominent enough to speak of their identity to the users. They appear bold and innovative in design on the vertical centre of the logo gaining all the attention and acknowledgment.

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