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The iOS is an operating system that was developed by Apple Inc. It was first released in the year 2007 for the iPod Touch and iPhone. It aims to support Apple devices like Apple TV and iPad. To maintain its originality, Apple does not permit iOS installation on hardwares that are not owned or made by Apple. The Apple App Store has had more than 700,000 applications and have been downloaded for over 30 billion times already.

The iOS’ user interface is based on the direct manipulation concept that uses multi-touch gestures. The control elements of the interface are composed of switches, buttons and sliders. It also has an interaction with the OS that includes tap, swipe, pinch, and reverse pinch. As of today, the iOS already has the sixth version that has a bigger memory space and better system. iOS is presently running on the four Apple products: iPad, iPod, Apple TV, and iPod Touch.

Design Elements of the iOS logo

The iOS logo is more often taken for granted because of it being generalized as just a product of Apple. After all, who wouldn’t recognize that ‘apple-with-a-bite’ logo? But many people had been curious to know the meaning behind that iOS logo.

Name in the iOS Logo
The name iOS is actually derived from OS X, which it shares with the Darwin Foundation.

Color of the iOS Logo
The color of the iOS logo is chromic gray and silver but with different shades to show versatility. The color itself is Apple’s symbol of technology and being neutral. On the other hand, the shades represent the evolution of Apple, depicting how far it has gone and future versions that is yet to come.

Apple in the iOS Logo
The legendary Apple logo is placed above the iOS logo since it is their product after all. This is a sign of ownership and originality, a copyright from Apple.