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ISO is the world’s largest developer of international standards. These standards are specifications that are given to products, services, and practices that are meant to make industries effective and efficient. These standards were developed through global consensus where they meant to break down the barriers to international trade.

ISO has developed nearly 20, 000 standards that cover most of the aspects of technology and business like food safety, healthcare, agriculture, and the like. These help create an awareness of how the proper standards ensure the quality of services or products being made. They should also be safe and reliable.

Ever wondered what the story is behind the ISO logo?

Design Elements of the ISO Logo

The story of the ISO logo is simply a lovely story that is truly relevant to its conception. ISO is seen in the symbol for the International Organization for Standardization (IOS). The same organization in the French language is Organisation internationale de normalisation (ION). The symbol which has ISO written in bold font that is embossed right in front of the globe is short for ‘isos.’ In Greek, isos means equal and to make the organization known to everyone despite the language, ISO was the word chosen to represent what ISO stands for.

The globe at the background of the ISO logo is a very suitable depiction of what ISO has done. It has tapped into various industries like sustainable development, food, water, climate change, automobiles, energy and services as these are what impact a large part of the society. ISO standards were developed by experts from different parts of the world who are part of sectors. The sectors to which they belong are what require them to come up with these standards that go through a consensus process. The people who belong to the ISO have reflect sound judgment brought about by international experience and thorough knowledge.

The color blue in the ISO logo denotes uniformity. Standardization is an excellent business practice as it shows credibility. This not only adds value to business operations, it is a way to safeguard consumers who use these products or services. Consumers are also assured that a product or service which they avail is fit for its purpose.