Kimberly-Clark Logo

Kimberly-Clark logoThe Kimberly-Clark Corporation produces a wide array of household and commercial products. Since the company prefers to promote its individual brands, the Kimberly-Clark logo tends to take a backseat to the well-known insignias of Kleenex, Cottonelle, Scott, and numerous other products they own.

The company was founded by John A. Kimberly, Charles B. Clark, Franklyn C. Shattuck, and Havilah Babcock in 1872. They first launched the company at Neenah Wisconsin. Originally, the company operates paper mills and that lasted for how many decades. They developed cellu-cotton – a type of cotton used by the United States Army as a substitute for surgical cottons during World War I. Six years later, the company introduced Kotex, the first ever disposable feminine hygiene product. Today, Kimberly-Clark produces paper-based products that are used worldwide. The company is currently employing about 56,000 people and is listed among the Fortune 500.

Design Elements of the Kimberly-Clark Logo

The company’s original name was Kimberly, Clark, & Company, pertaining to its four founders. In the next few years, the company decided to change its name to Kimberly & Clark to recognize its two major shareholders. Currently, the company name Kimberly-Clark is a symbol of life-long partnership between the two.

Color of the Kimberly-Clark Logo
Blue is the color that the company used in the Kimberly-Clark logo. Blue is a calming color that show images of authority, success and security. Just like the color blue in the Kimberly-Clark logo, the company is producing goods that provide security to their clients in terms of personal care. The feminine pads, for instance, give the users the assurance that there will be no leak, making them feel calm and free as they go on their day. The number of years in the business has proven that they have succeeded in making the best products there is.

Symbol in the Kimberly-Clark Logo
The circle in the Kimberly-Clark logo pertains to continuity. The company assures their clients that they would continue to give the best products and services. The symbol inside the circle, however, are letters k and c in lowercase combined, appearing to be the initials of Kimberly-Clark even if inverted.

Italics and Bolds in the Kimberly-Clark Logo
The company name was italicized in the Kimberly-Clark logo. This is to further emphasize the company name. The name was also in bold to catch the attention of customers.