Lucent Technologies Logo

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Lucent Technologies Inc. is a spin off of AT&T Corporation’s equipment manufacturing business. It was established in September of 1996 with its headquarters in Murray Hill, New Jersey. It was meant to be AT&T’s competitor in the telecommunications sector.

Lucent had a stellar performance in the 90’s. When it began, one share cost $7.50 and it went up to as much as $84. A year after it began, it was able to acquire Octel Communications Corporations and also Ascend Communications a few years after. It partnered with Bell Labs Innovations since they were the ones responsible for fuelling the company’s many innovations.

Design Elements of the Lucent Logo

Shape of the Lucent Logo
The Lucent logo, The Innovation Ring, is a symbol of the company’s values. Circles are known to represent universality, perfection, and knowledge and these are what Lucent hopes to be known for. The circle is drawn by a single brushstroke which embodies the sense of innovation and human energy upon which the company is based. The Innovation Ring in the Lucent logo is the perfect symbol as it is able to capture the spirit of the company in the single brush stroke.

The Innovation Ring is also a warped symbol taken from Zen Buddhism. It is the symbol for “eternal truth.” The symbol is also meant to represent Lucent’s re-creating and re-thinking. Some also say that the symbol is an ouroboros, a mystic symbol of a snake holding its tail in its mouth.

The circle in the Lucent Logo is a fitting symbol to represent a company’s quality as it is expressive of symmetry and perfection. Orange is the color of vibrancy and it is reflective of energy which makes Lucent’s orange circle a good embodiment of the company’s qualities and values.

Name in the Lucent Logo
Lucent is the Latin word for brilliant, shining, and glowing with light. As a primary source of energy, the idea of being like light is similar to being energetic which is reflective of the company’s entrepreneurial spirit. Another definition of Lucent is “marked by clarity.” This is what best describes the company’s vision and purpose as a telecommunications firm.