Mobil Logo

Mobil logo

The Mobil Oil Company has been gaining the largest popularity since the past 125 years. The Mobil logo similarly has acquired all the identity and recognition over the world. The company began itself in early 1960’s in the middle of Australia. The company collaborated with Exxon in 1999 and was more commonly known as ExxonMobil Company but Mobil still remains as the identity of the company.

The Mobil logo was designed by Tom Geismar of Chermayeff and Geismar Inc. in 1964. Since then the logo did not go through much of the evolution and maintains its uniformity and uniqueness. Today, the Mobil logo receives an overall recognition and respect all over. It is seen as a reputable brand throughout due to the simple and innovative design.

Design Elements of the Mobil logo:

The Mobil logo features a very simple, font-oriented picture of the brand, sometimes coupled with a famous Pegasus that is an immortal horse with wings in ancient Greek mythology. In all, it signifies a unique and modern design of the trusted and reputable brand.

Shape of the Mobil logo:
The Mobil logo comprises mainly of plain fonts, sometimes collaborating with the winged horse appearing in an angled tilt towards the top, symbolizing the company’s dream to touch the peak of success.

Color of the Mobil logo:
The only two colors used in the Mobil logo are red and blue, which produce a strong contrast as being opposite to each other but having their own individual beauty. The ‘O’ in the middle is written in red while the rest of the fonts remain in blue color. Red symbolizes the intensity and blue speaks of security, trust and faithfulness.

Fonts of the Mobil logo:
The fonts of the Mobil logo are boldly present as they are mostly the only feature present on the logo. Yet, they retain their simplicity and clarity due to the pioneering design.

Today, the Pegasus is totally removed from the Mobil logo but its purpose seems to have been achieved. The Mobil Oil Company stands strongly among the other oil companies promising its originality, trust and vitality to its customers.

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