NASCAR is the abbreviation for National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing. It is a popular family-owned and operated business enterprise based in America that authorizes multiple auto racing sports events. The organization was formed in February, 1948 with the combined efforts of Bill France Sr. and many of his fellow drivers. The company began with the objective that NASCAR should appeal to the average person. Therefore the racers use only stock equipment, or cars that are not customized in any way.

Since its birth NASCAR has continued it tremendous growth by broadcasting in over 150 countries. It has also organized 17 out of the top-20 attended single day sporting events in the world. It has about 75 million fans, who purchase over $3 billion worth of licensed products per year. The popularity of NASCAR can be judged from the fact that even those who don’t watch the sport can name a few of the more successful drivers. This became possible because of the great efforts of its owner who saw the need to standardize the racing industry.


The NASCAR logo is a great example of artwork that effectively communicates the identity, personality, essence and individuality of the organization. It does not only rally its teams and players but its customers as well.

Shape of the NASCAR Logo:

The text in the NASCAR logo along with the series of lines, are slanted towards the right to imply movement. This basically gives the logo a sense of individuality, tradition, and velocity, all of which are applicable to stock car racing.

Color of the NASCAR Logo:

The NASCAR logo is multi-colored using all the bright colors like yellow, red, blue and purple. All these colors signify the colorful and unique nature of the sport. The font color is kept white to make the organization’s name prominent against all the dark colors.

Font of the NASCAR Logo:

The NASCAR logo style is Italic and bold like many other sports logos.

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