Nintendo Logo

Nintendo Logo

Nintendo is Japanese multinational company ruling over the video gaming industry since decades. Founded by Fusajiro Yamuschi in 1889, this company is now rated at third position in the most valuable company of Japan with a remarkable market value. Initially, Nintendo was established to create premium Japanese playing cards. However, it later excelled in handheld video games along with toys and innovative electronic games.

No matter how significant Nintendo Co. is, it still manages to employ a simple and intelligible logo design. Ever since the ruling video gaming company was created, it has had a standard logo design to compliment with the company’s image. As the company outshines in manufacturing products for several industries, it prefers to use a simple Nintendo logo to promote a highly intelligent corporate reflection.

Design Elements of Nintendo Logo:

It is a widely known phenomenon that all large companies utilize a simple and intelligent emblem. All multinational companies believe in creating a logo design with a straightforward logotype which enhances the company attributes. Nintendo logo is a great example of a logotype that projects excellence and innovation of the company and its products.

Shape of Nintendo Logo:
Nintendo logo holds a capsule-like shape which makes the logo appear simple and pioneering. Though, this shape of Nintendo logo gives a child-like emotion but there is no doubt about the fact that this insignia is recognized all over the world. Nevertheless, the structure of Nintendo logo casts the name in an impressive manner.

Color of Nintendo Logo:
Red is the only color supposed to be used in Nintendo logo. The particular shade is known for grabbing attention of any viewer from a distance as well. Hence, it narrates the vivacity of the firm itself. Red tint leaves an imposing impact on the spectator and helps in making the Nintendo logo unforgettable.

Font of Nintendo Logo:
Nintendo logo features a typeface that is clear cut and highly professional. With the help of bold fonts, the Nintendo logo has clarity and has become very prominent throughout the globe. The simple typeface highlights the Nintendo logo and makes the emblem stand out.

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