Nokia Logo

Nokia Logo

A Finnish multinational communications corporation, namely Nokia Corporation is known to be one of the biggest telecommunications companies throughout the globe. Nokia Corporation rules over telecommunication industry by producing innovative and distinctive mobile phones, smartphones, multimedia computers and networks. It started its business in 1960s and has undoubtedly turned out to be a global pioneer of the industry.

Nokia logo, like the company, is tantamount to contemporary mobile technology, high tech gadgets and fashionable ways to communicate and explore. Nokia Co. has offered every endeavor to decode the mission intended by the company through its brilliant logo design. Thus, the ‘Nokia Connecting People’ slogan was born with the Nokia logo. The slogan of Nokia logo provides the brand with an exceptionally strong elevated altitude in the communication industry. The slogan explains the company goal to connect people without any barricade and with total comfort.

Design Elements of Nokia Logo:

Nokia logo features a perfect portrait of two people almost joining hands with each other. The illustration provides a polite pillar to the Nokia logo and has expertly conveyed the company’s mission along with the slogan.

Shape of Nokia Logo:
The Nokia logo is a brilliant image which explains the company expertise in a subtle way. Nokia logo is designed in a simple yet elegant shape with a well-defined slogan. The simplicity of the Nokia logo expresses the bold and unique characteristics of the company and its exceptional products.

Color of Nokia Logo:
A dull blue tint is used for Nokia logo to demonstrate the pre-eminent corporate image of the Nokia Co. Blue shade defines the firm durability and credibility of the company at its most. Hence, the use of the particular shade has enhanced the company’s attributes.

Font of Nokia Logo:
The use of bold typeface has been adopted for Nokia logo. However, the font itself is very plain and summarizes the easy going character of the firm. The slogan of Nokia logo is engraved in the same typeface though in a smaller font size. Both the representations project a highly professional spirit which is worthwhile for the corporation.

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