NTT Logo

ntt logo

The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Communication or more commonly known as NTT, is a telecommunications company in Japan. It has ranked 29th in the Fortune Global 500 and is by far the largest telecommunications company in the world in terms of revenue. It provides telephone services ranging from broadband, mobile telecommunications, and Internet access.

The NTT operates in various international offices. In 1958, the company opened an office in Bangkok and later on in Geneva, making it its first European headquarters. Another one opened in London in 1973 and was privatized in the year 1989. There were also offices established in Brazil, Indonesia, Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and in China. In the year 2000, the NTT made a $5.1 billion offer to the Verio Inc. They also invested nearly $16 billion in other telecommunication companies around the world.

Design Elements of the NTT Logo

The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Communication has a very simple design but is very famous in and out of Japan. The NTT logo appears all over the world, sending a message of what they can do in terms of providing the best service there is.

Color of the NTT Logo
The symbol in the NTT logo bears the color blue, which means comfort, tranquility, and relaxation. For NTT, the color blue pertains to their commitment in providing seamless service to all of their customers. It shows how they value the trust, loyalty, and confidence of their clients in them.

Symbol in the NTT Logo
The symbol in the NTT logo portrays the never-ending connection that a seamless and uninterrupted communication can build. With the services that the telecommunications company offers, clients are assured of 24/7 interconnectivity. NTT guarantees that their clients’ business operations will never be hampered due to connection and communication problems.

Name in the NTT Logo
The acronym NTT was placed in bold letters in the NTT logo to emphasize the company’s strong global presence.