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The Oracle Corporation, or more commonly known as Oracle, is an American multinational computer technology corporation that was founded by Larry Ellison in the 1970s. The company focuses on the development and marketing of a number of enterprise software products and computer hardware systems. It also has its own brands of database management systems. The company builds tools for a system of middle tier software and database development. It also provides tools for three applications namely customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and the enterprise resource planning software (ERP). Oracle is by far the third largest developer of these kinds of software based on its revenue. It is now headquartered in Redwood City, California.

Design Elements of the Oracle Logo

The name oracle originates from the CIA-funded project’s code name that Larry Ellison had worked on. It also means a person uttering predictions. These people are also considered as “wise counsel”. Being a computer technology corporation, Oracle aims to be innovative in terms of providing the best software solutions and tools. Innovation is said to be the one that gives the company a competitive edge. Complexity is also one of their greatest challenges. These two would be enough to push the company to develop the best technology for the growing needs of various businesses. Their objective is to predict what the future needs in terms of computer software.

Color of the Oracle Logo
Red in the Oracle logo is a symbol of power, aggression and being dynamic. It also attracts attention easily and increases one’s enticement. Oracle is written using the color red because the company shows their aggression towards providing the best software solutions there is. They are also dynamic and flexible in developing software that would fit the needs of their clients. Aside from these, Oracle wants to attract as many customers and users as possible, and that makes red a very suitable color.

Theme of the Oracle logo
The overall theme of the Oracle logo is to emphasize the new division from its parent company, Sun Microsystems.