Perrier Logo

Perrier logoPerrier is a spring water company that has been in the business since 1990. Perrier took advantage of the fact that the spring is naturally carbonated (both the natural carbon dioxide and water are independently captured). The carbon dioxide is added in the bottling process so the level of carbonation is maintained within the bottle. The Perrier logo is a fitting icon for the product.

The branded carbonated water is available in Europe. Their products come in five flavors, namely Pamplemousse Rose Pink, Citron Lemon lime, lime, lemon, and unflavored. Perrier is now owned by Nestle.

Design Elements of the Perrier Logo

The meaning behind the Perrier logo has been quite an intrigue to many. Yes, the company is open about how their products are manufactured and bottled but the meaning behind their simple logo is often overlooked.

Color of the Perrier Logo
The Perrier logo bears two colors namely yellow and green. The yellow color symbolizes playfulness and cheerfulness. It also depicts its psychological capacity to brighten the people’s spirits. This means that the company’s product is naturally healthy and it can bring out optimism and good vibes in a person. The color green, however, is a symbol of balance and harmony. It balances the emotions of the people and provides a sense of calmness. It is also associated with nature and healing. As stated in the product’s label, the carbonated water actually bears the nutrients and healing capabilities of drinking from an actual spring.

Name in the Perrier Logo
The name Perrier pertains to effervescent water with natural minerals that can be sold as a drink. Aside from that, the name also means having the ability to logically think during difficult times. The name may also be related to the Societe Perrier, a well-known source of nightlife and cultural events. This just shows how diverse the brand is – to them, it’s not just about selling carbonated water, it’s also about adding excitement to one’s life.

Symbol in the Perrier Logo
The SP below the Perrier logo pertains to the Societe Perrier, a guide to music, nightlife, cocktail culture and fashion.