Recycle Logo

Recycle Logo

The recycle logo (or symbol) appears on the products we buy on a daily basis. Its purpose is to encourage people to participate in the recycling process and identifies that the packaging is recyclable. This internationally-recognized recycling symbol was created in the early 1970s as a part of the design contest that was initiated by the Chicago-based Container Corporation of America (CCA) at different high schools and colleges across the country. The purpose was to increase the awareness of the environmental issues and also to create a logo for their then-revolutionary recycled cardboard boxes. The contest was won by a 23-year-old college student, Gary Anderson from the University of Southern California, whose creation marked the first official Earth day. His concept for the now famous logo basically originated from 19th century mathematician August Ferdinand.

The recycling logo is not a trademark and everyone can use it; however restrictions do exist in some local areas as to how can one use it like for example, its use on non-recycled goods would be misleading or illusory. The CCA originally applied for a trademark on the design, but the application was challenged, and the company chose to dispose of the claim.


The Recycle logo is probably one of the most recognizable logos ever designed. It reminds people of the significance to make better use of the things around them to help save the environment.

Shape of the Recycle logo:

The recycle logo is composed of three chasing arrows forming a Möbius strip that is twisted to take the shape of a triangle indicating that products should be recycled to help manufacture new products. The more we recycle the more beneficial it is to the environment.

Color of the Recycle logo:

The arrows in the recycle logo are filled with green and outlined in black. These colors signify renewal, health and environment.

The recycle logo has a lot of significance because of the important message it conveys to us.

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