Rolls Royce Logo

Rolls Royce Logo

Laid its foundation in 1906, Rolls Royce Ltd. is now one of the leading car manufacturing companies. Charles Rolls and Henry Royce approved to work together on a wide assortment of Rolls Royce cars. Since then, Rolls Royce has constructed its image in the corporate planet as a motoring legend.

Evidently, the Company adopted a logo design that depicted its authentic power. The Rolls Royce logo includes two “R”s which obviously stands for Rolls and Royce the founders of the thriving brand. Although, the Rolls Royce logo grips a simple design with a little innovation but the identity of the company is so remarkable that it appears eye catchy and exclusive. In Rolls Royce logo the name “Rolls Royce” is always engraved with a hyphen, which indicates the unbreakable bond between the founders.

Design Elements of Rolls Royce Logo:

The Rolls Royce logo has a genuine confident impact on the audience, also narrating the strong position held by the company. Once laid eyes upon the Rolls Royce logo, it is certainly not easy to overlook and forget its charisma.

Shape of Rolls Royce Logo:
The Rolls Royce logo has an incredibly professional and competent rectangular structure. Company name is efficiently inscribed inside the Rolls Royce logo shape, making it look more practical and methodical. The Rolls Royce logo rectangle is divided into three fractions, one being larger and central segment whereas the other two are smaller yet same in size.

Color of Rolls Royce Logo:
Blue hue makes the Rolls Royce logo represent audacity and corporate well being image. Minimalism is the major factor being projected by the Rolls Royce logo. This dull blue shade makes the Rolls Royce logo look notable and extraordinary, hence depicting the characteristics of the corporation.

Font of Rolls Royce Logo:
It is always said that simplicity elevates a design’s spirit. Nevertheless, the font in Rolls Royce logo proves to compete in the grounds of simplicity as well. Featured in an easy font, the Rolls Royce logo clenches the two “R”s and the company name in an attractive manner. The upper and the lower divisions of the Rolls Royce logo holds the company name while the central portion features the doubles “R” which are merged together to form an impressive print.

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