Roxy Logo

Roxy Logo

Roxy is a well-known women’s clothing brand owned by Quiksilver. It was formed in 1990 when it launched its first swimwear line which received an instant success. The brand is basically devoted to energetic living and the extreme sports lifestyle. Today the company has expanded into sportswear, women’s snowboards, clothing and accessories including: jewelry, bags, backpacks, footwear etc.

Roxy continues to develop its line by practicing its hands-on, progressive style of dressing dynamic girls for all aspects of life. It sponsors surf camps on the east and west coasts, a stop on the Association of Surfing Professionals World Champion Tour in Hawaii, and two recreational surf contests in Southern California, the Wahine Classic and the Capitola Classic. Roxy is actively involved with store endorsements and autograph signings by team rider.

The Roxy logo was created in 1993 and received a great popularity. It was adapted from the familiar Quiksilver logo.


The Roxy logo is a great example of a customer-focused logo that accurately satisfies the needs of individual customers and captures the brand’s value. It is designed to encompass the touching, spiritual vibe that defines Roxy. The Roxy logo serves as one of the important success factors for the company.

Shape of the Roxy Logo:

The Roxy logo comprises of two copies of Quicksilver logo forming the shape of a heart. The heart shaped crest gives the entire logo a very feminine touch. It evokes feelings of love, joy and compassion and truly captures the essence of the brand.

Color of the Roxy Logo:
The Roxy logo features two feminine colors: white and light blue. These colors are associated with tranquility, understanding, and softness.

The Roxy logo is very powerful and attractive; one glance at the logo makes people want to know more about the brand.

Font of the Roxy Logo:
The font used in the Roxy Logo is kept simple for ease of understanding.

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