Sony Ericsson Logo

Sony Ericsson Logo

Sony Ericsson is a mobile telephone company that was formed in October 2001. It is basically a joint venture between Sony Corporation, the Japanese consumer electronics company and Ericsson, the Swedish telecommunications company. Rather than independently producing their own lines of mobile phones, these two companies decided to join forces. In 2009, this mobile company was ranked as the fourth-largest mobile phone manufacturer after Nokia, Samsung and LG.

Today the mobile phone industry is very competitive but Sony Ericsson (despite the fact that they are a relatively young company as compared to the mobile phone manufacturer giants) enjoys a steady stream of customers. These loyal customers eagerly subscribe to the Sony Ericsson brand of mobile phones whenever a new one comes out in the market.

It has been reported that Sony Ericsson is coming up with new colors for its logo, at least when it comes to the marketing area. It seems as the advertising campaign of the company is preparing for its few devices that are yet to come to the market. This will also help to bring light to the new color scheme of the Sony Ericsson logo.


The Sony Ericsson logo is categorized as one of the highly recognized logos in the world because it truly depicts the nature of the company’s business and identity. It serves as an archetype and is one of the first ‘Web 2.0’ logos (which refer to new internet technologies).

Shape of the Sony Ericsson Logo:

The Sony Ericsson logo shows an image of a shiny 3D sphere. If one looks closely, one will also notice the combination of two letters “S” for Sony and “E” for Ericsson inside the sphere. These two letters are aimed to symbolize the joint venture between two great companies.

Color of the Sony Ericsson Logo:

The Sony Ericsson logo comprises of two colors-green and silver. Both the colors give the logo a very contemporary look and also show the company’s desire to grow rapidly.

Font of the Sony Ericsson Logo:

Just as the shape and color of the Sony Ericsson logo, its font style is also modern.

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