Sun Microsystems Logo

sun microsystems logo

Sun Microsystems, Inc. specializes in selling computers, computer softwares and components, and information technology services. The company created the Network File System (NFS) and the Java programming language. The Sun has a significant contribution in the evolution of key computing technologies including the RISC Processors and the Unix. The company was founded on February 24, 1982.

The Sun Microsystems Inc was acquired by the Oracle Corporation in the year 2010. Sun was also a proponent of the open systems, generally speaking and is a major contributor to the so-called open source software. The company has its main manufacturing facilities located at Linlithgow, Scotland and Hillsboro, Oregon.

Just like other companies, the Sun Microsystems logo is trivial and many curious individuals have been trying to figure out what the boxed “u” and “n” actually means.

Design Elements of the Sun Microsystems Logo

The Sun Microsystems logo was designed by a Stanford professor named Vaughan Pratt. His design features four interleaved copies of the word SUN. The first logo that came out was colored orange and the sides were oriented vertically and horizontally.

Color of the Sun Microsytems Logo
From the orange-colored Sun Microsystems logo, their present logo’s color is at the opposite end of the color wheel – bluish purple. Purple is actually a symbol of mystery and royalty. But what does that have to do with a high-end technology company such as the Sun Microsystems Inc? The color of the Sun Microsystems logo most likely represents the values they want to inculcate in their people – sovereignty and wisdom. It also represents stability just like how strong medieval kingdoms were especially those headed by strong and strategic rulers. The color shows that they are a sturdy company.

Shape of the Sun Microsytems Logo
The design of the Sun Microsystems logo features four interleaved copies of the word sun. This is a symbol of symmetry and order. If observed closely, the letters “u” and “n” are arranged adjacent to each other while looking like the letter “s” in a perpendicular direction. The letters read as sun no matter what angle you look. This denotes consistency, which is what they offer when it comes to their services.