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Trend Micro Inc. is a Japanese security software company. It was founded by Steve Chang, his wife Jenny Chang, and his sister in law, Eva Chen in 1988. The company was first launched in Los Angeles but later on moved their headquarters to Taipei. The company markets Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security, Trend Micro Internet Security, and OfficeScan. Steve Chang  has already passed his seat as the company’s CEO to Eva Chen. Trend Micro produces anti-virus products for local area networks. In 1996, the company started to expand the company’s services and products  and introduced them to the rest of the world. They are now one of the biggest security software companies in the world.

Design Elements of the Trend Micro Logo

Color of the Trend Micro Logo
The Trend Micro logo is painted with the color red. Red symbolizes power and confidence. In the world of security systems, red also means warning and danger. Just like the color red, the products of the company exerts this aggressiveness, sending a message to everyone that they have the power to protect the computer’s systems from any foreign links or viruses that can harm the computer. It also shows that they are confident with their ability to remove any possible virus and malicious files that may infiltrate one’s computer system.

Shape of the Trend Micro Logo
The circle was the shape chosen by the company to use in the Trend Micro logo. Circles usually represent wholeness and unity. They are also seen as protective symbols, a shield that protects one from harm. It also represents continuity and disruption-free surfing – which is what Trend Micro guarantees to their clients. With their products, one can be assured of a clean and well protected computer.

Symbol in the Trend Micro Logo
The small letter ‘t’ that rings and produces a letter ‘o’ inside the red circle is the symbol of the Trend Micro logo. The small t represents the first letter in Trend and the letter o for the last letter of Micro.