UPS Logo

UPS Logo

UPS, the largest package delivering company in the world, was founded in 1907 in United States (Atlanta, GA.). It has obtained a position to become an international company with one of the acknowledged brand throughout the world. All through its corporate history, UPS has managed to use four logos as its business insignia. Nevertheless, the changes in the UPS logo remained gradual and handled the commercial picture well.

The very initial UPS logo, also regarded as the “shield” logo, was employed in 1916. That UPS logo attributed a shield and an eagle clenching a package with words “SAFE, SWIFT, SURE” emblazoned on the side. The eminent shield used in the first identity is still utilized in the UPS logo.

Design Elements of UPS Logo:

The enormously grown company features a logo design which possesses simplicity, power and strength. The UPS logo characterizes the company’s corporate picture in the international business world. Now, the UPS logo features a shield with impressive colors and font.

Shape of UPS Logo:
As mentioned earlier, the UPS logo holds a shield which showcases the some significant achievements of the firm. This shield has been used in the UPS logo ever since the corporate identity was born. Nevertheless, some slight alterations have taken place in the UPS logo but the shield still continues foster the firm hold of the company.

Color of UPS Logo:
The only factor that has not been modified is the brown color of the UPS logo. The primary brown color in UPS logo has become the trademark of the company. Other complimentary colors were adapted to the UPS logo but now dull golden hue compliments with the brown to form an amazing insignia.

Font of UPS Logo:
The font used in the UPS logo is quite simple yet eye catching. The simple font grips a distinctive quality that highlights the UPS logo design. The letters are printed in the dull golden color, reflecting the decency of the logo plus the company.

Undoubtedly, the UPS logo is the most witnessed corporate identity that reflects the well being of the company. The UPS logo projects speed and expresses strong commercial image.

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