US Army Logo

The logo is a graphic mark or an emblem to represent an object, product or service. A logo has many purposes. Some logos are designed for pure commercial functions, for instance, for promotion and boosting sales. Some logos are just for representation of an organization, like the state emblems and logos. However the basic function of a logo is to create association. Strong association creates deeper the trust and stronger bonds towards the brand or organization. One such logo which every American associates themselves is with the US Army Logo.

Think US Army logo and you think about valor, adventure, bravery on the battlefield, and, commitment to the country and its people. The US Army emblem is a legend and just about everybody wants to have it. There is a huge thriving logo industry that caters to the demands of the US Army followers. There are several people who want to wear this logo on their cap, hats or have it printed on their clothes. There are several metallic replicas of the logo available for people to wear as lapel pins or broaches.

However the history of US Army logo is little known to its followers and other people. A traditional army logo was used during and since the Revolution. The traditional logo was later re-designated by the National Security Act of 1947, by the Seal Department of the U.S Army. The US Army logo is the symbol of the army’s commitment to its people.

Americans all over the world can instantly recognize the five point star which serves as the US Army logo. This logo has been strongly associated with the capacity and determination of the army towards protecting America and the world.  The history of US Army logo dates back to several years but its versatility allows even the modern masses to relate to it.  A good logo should always be versatile and memorable enough.

The US Army logo serves it purpose by being easily recognizable. You can see the logo and surely be filled with pride. This pride comes from the services the army renders.

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