Walmart Logo

Walmart Logo

Started back in 1962, Walmart is now seen as the most successful chain of stores in the U.S. Since then the Walmart logo has formulated itself on many different notes and has gone through a remarkable evolution. The founder of the company, Sam Walton began with a simple logo, not specifying the style and font much. Later from 1964 to 1981, the logo was changed to include a hyphen in the middle, and the font was made slightly fancier. The final noticeable change occurred in 1968, after which there had been slight innovations and changes to the motif. This logo did not gather much of the fame as it was never used on any annual reports. The Walmart logo began a new journey in 1992 when the hyphen was replaced by a star and finally was replaced by an asterisk at the end of the logo, which is what we see today.

Design Elements of Walmart logo:

The asterisk or flower of the Walmart logo is a symbol of the brand’s friendliness and peripheral quality. The simple design of Walmart logo both attracts and harmonizes its viewers and customers. Today, the Walmart logo is well-recognized due to its popular design.

Shape of the Walmart logo:
The Walmart logo features an asterisk or a flower speaking of the ‘organic’ and environment-friendly symbol. The Walmart logo tends to have more of a charming appearance due to the motif.

Colors of the Walmart logo:
The candid selection of the Walmart logo signifies the true promise of quality and significance of the brand. The colors used are simple blue and yellow, picturing the passivity and their basic nature.

Fonts of the Walmart logo:
The Walmart logo uses clear and simple low case letters, with a rounded and groovy style. Their simplicity is depicted by the selection of the fonts. The fonts in the Walmart logo are bold enough to attract attention.

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