Warner Bros Logo

Warner Bros Logo

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. rules over the globe with its world largest film makers and television entertainment. Founded in 1918, Warner Bros. Inc, after Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios, stands as the third-oldest American production house still in the running. Warner Bros has proved to be a great player in the entertainment world by occupying several subordinate companies involving Warner Bros. Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Bros. Games, Warner Bros. Television, Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Home Video, DC Comics and New Line Cinema.

Undoubtedly, Warner Bros. logo has played a vital role in the company’s prominence and promotion. Ever since the company was founded, Warner Bros logo has always participated in activities to stand upheld with the company. Nevertheless, Warner Bros logo has experienced several alterations over the last seventy years. The pre-eminent shield of the Warner Bros logo is widely recognized by all due to its extra ordinary features.

Design Elements of Warner Bros Logo:

Warner Bros logo holds a very striking resolution which tends to gain everyone’s attention. The conspicuous colors of the Warner Bros logo have proved the logo design’s firm hold on the corporate world. Though, the Warner Bros has abide some alterations but it has kept its strong market value to a remarkable height throughout.

Shape of Warner Bros Logo:
Warner Bros logo grips to a shield-like structure which gives it a prominent position. This shield shape of Warner Bros logo has been utilized ever since the logo design was created. Strength, power and supremacy are clearly depicted from the shield-like shape of Warner Bros logo.

Color of Warner Bros Logo:
The major Warner Bros logo is blended in golden and blue hues. The border of Warner Bros logo is highlighted with the use of striking gold shade which outlines the attributes of the company logo. Blue is another color employed for Warner Bros logo, enhancing the characteristics of the logo design plus the company.

Font of Warner Bros Logo:
“W” and “B” are the two alphabets inscribed in the Warner Bros logo design. The typeface is kept quite simple and easy to understand however it is presented in a large and bold font. The alphabets methodically compliment with the shape of Warner Bros logo, portraying the logo design in a beautiful fashion. “Warner Home Video” is also emblazoned on the Warner Bros logo in a captivating design, depicting a corporate side of the firm.

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