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Formed in London, United Kingdom 1968 by two well-known musicians; bassist Chris Squire (originally a member of the music band “The Syn”) and vocalist John Anderson, Yes is a highly acclaimed progressive rock music band known for producing music that is marked by vibrant contrasts, tight harmonies and conceptual lyrics. The others band members at present include Steve Howe (guitarist), Alan White (drummer), Benoit David (lead singer)
and Oliver Wakeman (keyboardist).

“South Side of the Sky”, “Roundabout”, “Owner of a Lonely Heart”, “Heart of the Sunrise” and “Mood for a day” are some of the many popular compositions by Yes in a span of over forty years now. The most popular album composed by the band is probably “Fragile” that came out in 1994 and is still among the top selling albums in America.

The band is highly influential, a huge commercial success, and enjoys a vast fan following.


The man behind the creation of Yes logo is Roger Dean, an English designer who has also designed the artwork of many of Yes’s albums.

Shape of the Yes Logo:

The shape of the logo is pretty unique taking a tide like shape and is designed very cunningly to attract immediate attention.

Color of the Yes Logo:

Besides the shape, the colors used in the Yes logo make the whole logo very eye catching. Two shades of blue in an embroidered patch, the red, yellow and black out linings all set the Yes logo apart from the others.

Font of the Yes Logo:

The font of the Yes logo is very creatively designed and gives the it a very funky and classy look.

Indeed the Yes logo will be remembered for a very long time to come.

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